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What we do:

Make people smile at a time!

Who we are


Sassy T. Clown

has been entertaining children of all ages for over 17 years. She juggles, face paints and is a balloon sculptor. She's available for children's parties, grand openings, company picnics and more!

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Or try your skill with one of Sassy's puzzles! easy or hard

Professor Gizmo

has been around astonishing audiences with her knowledge of science(how are bubbles made?)and demonstrates properties of physics.
Prof. Gizmo Sissy

Sissy T. Clown

Meet our newest Joey…her name is Sissy T Clown and she is Sassy’s little sister. She loves to play; she always has her yo yo, her kazoo, juggling balls and her ball and jacks in her pocket. She face paints, does balloon sculpting and juggles.

Business Hours

Anytime...Anyplace(within reason)

How to Contact Us

Smiles Galore


301 Paprika Court
Raleigh, NC 27614
Phone: 919-414-4840


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