All Aces Cherokee Trip - 2014

[jpeg of Cherokee poker room]

All Aces returned to Cherokee in 2014 and a good time was had by all. They added about 35 more tables and the dealers were well prepared so this year went much more smoothly than last year.

[jpeg of Kathy at the Cherokee poker room]


Kathy played in the 7PM nightly game on Friday. Unfortunately, she only lasted 7 minutes when her set of Tens were trumped by a set of Jacks. She did better on Sunday when she lasted nearly 2 hours in the Senior tournament. Then she finished second in a 10 player sit-n-go to rake in $125.

[jpeg of Jerry at the Cherokee poker room]


Jerry also played in the 7PM nightly game Friday. He lasted past the first break, but didn't really get much traction and fell out when his straight draw fell to a flush draw. Jerry's deep run came in the Senior tournament. He lasted over 5 hours to finish around 280th out of 752 entries (largest senior event outside Vegas). He also finished in 5th in a 10 player sit-n-go (no cash).

[jpeg of Marv at the Cherokee poker room]


Marv didn't get there in time to play the Friday game. He did play some video draw poker and ended up about $60. Then he played 6+ hours at the cash game and netted about $30. He did well in the Senior event as well, going past the second break (4 hour mark).


Jon had the longest run of all of us. He one played or over 8 hours in the ring event on Friday. He finally finished 190th out of 894 entries. Not quite in the money. He didn't do as well in Saturday's 7PM game. He played about 2 hours and lost when his pocket threes lost the race.

David and Lori were there and played quite a bit, but I don't have the information on how they faired. If they want to drop me a line I'll add their info here.

We had a great time and we were definately in the running. I'm hope to see more of the club out next year!

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