Jerry's 2014 Las Vegas WSOP Trip

I was lucky enough to represent the group in the WSOP this year. I chose the Senior event. It's a 3-day event that is only open to those 50 and over. (unfortunately - I qualify) Here's a recap:

Here's a link to the blind structure for this tournament for those of you that are interested.

Sorry to say I won't be bringing back any money to our group. But I did have a great time and played pretty well.

Each player starts with 3000 in chips. The blind levels increase every hour and start at 25-25. There were 4425 entries. Another record breaking year.

Not much happened during the first hour and I was done to 2625 when the blinds were raised to 25-50.

Still pretty card dead during the second hour and my stack was 1725 at the first break. The blinds were 50-100.

Rallied a little after the break. Flopping a boat (jacks full of aces) helped. I was up to 5000 chips when the blinds increased to 75-150.

Managed to stay pretty even during the 4th level. My stack was 4200 at the second break.

Won a few small pots in the next hour, but the 100-200 blinds were starting to take their tool. I was down to 3550 at the end of the 5th level.

The 6th level was 100-200 with a 25 ante. I managed to remain about even and went to the dinner break with 3800 chips.

After dinner, they closed the entry period (That's right, over 8 hours of late entry). And the board showed 1600 players left when we started the 7th level 150-300 with 25 ante. I lost a pretty good pot about 15 minutes in, leaving me with around 1300 in chips. Then they split our table and I had to go to a new table. Second hand I got pocket queens. Went all-in and they held up so now I had over 3000 again. 20 minutes later I'm around 2300 in chip and I get Ace-Queen. Not the best of hands, but I need to shove. I get one caller who's nearly as short stacked as I am. I'm relieved when he turns over A-J. Unfortunately, he flops a jack on the river and my night is over.

I wouldn't do anything different and I envy the player who gets to represent us next year.

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