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December 3, 2022

16 players showed up for the last game of the 2022 season and the last game for the original blind structure.

The game had a lot of action and everyone stuck around for the first 2 hours. Then people started falling out and we were down to 7 players at the third break. I think this was the most players to make it to this level.

The blinds were high and the stacks were pretty even. It seemed like someone was all-in every hand, but few players busted.

Once the dominoes started to fall there was no stopping them. We were down to 5 players when David took out Jerry and Kathy in the same hand (Jerry had a few more chips so he took 4th).

Jon was next to fall as he only had 2 chips left. Then Sophie was all-in in the big blind and David won that hand as well. David took the win and completed his dominate performance for this year. He won the first 3 games of the year and was never seriously challenged for the lead after that.

Second place, however, was a battle. Bob took over 2nd in June, but faced heavy opposition from Jon, Jerry and Rod. But it was Sophie coming on strong in the last 2 games to edge out Bob and take 2nd overall.

This means that she and David will be representing the club for the WSOP this year and David will have the target on his back next year.

This blind structure was based on a PartyPoker online game more than 15 years ago!

Things have changed in the poker world and we'll be making a few changes as well. Same great people, same great fun (same great food!), but we'll start using the Big Blind structure that is being used in nearly every casino today.

We're asking people to arrive early (5:00 PM) so we can give out trophies and go over the new structure and additional responsibilities of the dealers and players. Play will still start at 6:00 PM.

  1. David K. - 519 points
  2. Sophie - 306 points
  3. Bob - 302 points
  4. Jon - 283 points
  5. Jerry - 255 points (Rod also had 255 points - but Jerry won the tie-break)

Tentative dates for 2023:

Jan 7, Feb 11, Mar 4, Apr 1, Apr 29 (so we don't conflict with WSOP in Cherokee), Jun 3, Jul 8, Aug 5 (may move due to WSOP in Cherokee), Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2

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