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December 2013

We had 13 players for the December game. There was a lot of solid play with only a few suck-outs. When the smoke cleared, Lecia had taken fourth to secure third place overall. Bob got his second cash of the season with his third. Ed cracked my aces to put me out in second. He won his second of the year.

Here's the top five for the year:

  1. Jerry - 524 points
  2. Marv - 359 points
  3. Lecia - 313 points
  4. Barb – 265 points
  5. Ed – 249 points

I won the online championship and the WSOP challenge so I’ll be representing the club in the WSOP Senior’s Event in June. Wish me luck!

We’re always looking for more online players, so if you’re interested or know someone who might be (distance is NOT a factor). Let me know.

We’re looking at a couple of minor rule changes for 2014.

  1. You can only call for a “rabbit” if you show your hand.
  2. When you fold your hand you MUST put it in the muck. You cannot fold and keep your cards.

Nothing major, just trying to keep the game flowing.

We’ll be doing the WSOP thing again in 2014. Let me know by the January game if you’re interested. The more participants the cheaper it is for everyone.

That’s about it. See you next year!


November 2013

The November game was filled with a lot of good play and a number of REALLY bad beats. Rod took the worst of the night when he flopped four of a kind only to have Jim hit a runner-runner to make a straight flush!

We only had 13 players so I was able to lock up the championship even though I was out early. Jon held on to get the bonus points for 4th place. Marv took third although at one point I thought he must have had about 90% of the chips in play. Lecia fought for Tony for the win, but had to settle for second.

Here's the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 475 points
  2. Marv - 349 points
  3. Lecia - 290 points
  4. Barb – 255 points
  5. Tony – 208 points

Lecia could steal 2nd from Marv, or Barb could take 3rd from Lecia.

The next Tournament game will be Dec. 7th, but first we have a CASH game on Nov. 16th!


October 2013

We had a full house again for the October game. We finally made it to the final table when three players were knocked out in one hand. The money positions were settled when Bob went out in fourth. Marv held on, double up a number of times, before he fell out in third. That left Barb and me heads-up. It was a back-and-forth battle but I managed to wear her down and take the top spot.

This locks up the WSOP race. I’ll be representing the group at next year’s WSOP. But remember! Everyone who contributed will get an equal share of the winnings (if any).

Marv can still take the top spot for the year, but it’ll be tough. He’ll need to win both of the last two games. Not impossible given the way he’s been playing.

Here's the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 465 points
  2. Marv - 313 points
  3. Barb – 245 points
  4. Lecia - 241 points
  5. Lori – 188 points

Only two games left for this year! Make sure you’re there!


September 2013

Hopefully we’re back on track for the rest of the year.

Attendance for the September game was a little light, but the action was still there. Despite a few technical difficulties, everyone made it for the first two breaks and nearly everyone made it to the third. They players dropped out quickly. Ed managed to hold out for the 4th place bonus points. Barb took third. And I had Lori down to 1 small blind. But… she battled back and after a number of double-ups had me down to a small blind! I didn’t do as well and had to settle for 2nd while Lori took first to end a very entertaining heads-up battle.

That makes the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 375 points
  2. Marv - 271 points
  3. Lecia - 231 points
  4. Barb – 187 points
  5. Lori – 178 points

I managed to pick up some distance on the rest of the field, but 1st place could still go to one of these players. Or… I could lock it up in October!

Either way – You should be there!


July 2013 - Played August 24th

Due to travel the September game won’t be until the 21st.

The July game hosted 14 players. With an extra $605 in chips (red, white, and blue) I expected the game to last a little late. Instead the game ended just before 11:00 PM. That’s how tough the competition was. Lecia built a big stack early and never really lost it. Kathy held out for a 4th place finish. Harry took 3rd place, but lost his shoes (they were eventually found – Tony took them by mistake). Lecia and I battled for first, but her lead was just too great and I had to settle for second.

Here’s the new top 5:

  1. Jerry - 338 points
  2. Marv - 271 points
  3. Lecia - 221 points
  4. Barb – 159 points
  5. Kathy – 158 points

The top 3 are starting to distance themselves, but there’s still a potential 360 points up for grabs that could change everything! Reserve your spot for the September game now!


August 2013

The August game was only 9 players (course I remember when that was huge!). The field was small but the play was BIG. There were a number of large pots and the leader board seemed to change with each hand. Eventually, Barb had to settle for 4th place points. Tony managed his second cash of the year with a third place. I took second to retain my first-place overall status. But Marv took his third win of the year (and he missed the first two games) to come within 25 points of first place overall.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 289 points
  2. Marv - 261 points
  3. Barb – 149 points
  4. Lecia - 141 points
  5. Kathy – 134 points

August 24th will be the July make-up game. But before that everyone is invited to non-poker party August 17th. Spouses and children are welcome, please us know how many plan to attend as we’ll provide everything for this one. You just bring a good attitude and maybe an outdoor chair to sit in. It will be open house style from noon to 4:00 pm. Rain or Shine! (but we’re hoping for shine).

Reserve your spot for the July game (August 24th) and let us know how many will attend the non-poker party (August 17th).

BTW the theme for the July game is still Red, White, and Blue.


June 2013

We had 14 players for the June game. Everyone lasted a long time with most players still in after the third break. Rod made it to 4th place. David took third place. Kathy and Marv battled until the blinds were 5000/10000. The lead went back and forth but Marv ended up on top. Good job everyone!

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 249 points
  2. Marv - 206 points
  3. Lecia - 141 points
  4. Barb – 130 points
  5. Ed – 125 points

This puts Marv into a close second. I’ll have to try and do something about that next month!

It looks like the France trip will finally take place the beginning of July so I have to move the July game to the end of June. I’ll probably have to take off the next day.

Since I’ll miss Independence Day. The July game (June 29th) will be “Red, White, and Blue”!


May 2013

We had a full house this time. Even had to turn one away (sorry Rod). Play was fast and furious. Even with this many players and 12 re-buys we still finished by 11:00 PM.

Marv was the one that had to settle for fourth place (at least he got some extra points for it). Tony took third and Harry held out for second. I had a great start, then managed to wait out a dry spell in the middle to come back and take first again. The first back-to-back wins since Kathy did it in 2011.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 239 points
  2. Lecia - 131 points
  3. Marv - 126 points
  4. Barb – 120 points
  5. Ed – 115 points

This gives me a pretty good lead, but the season isn’t even half over and a LOT can still happen. Don’t you want to be here when it does?

Reserve your spot for the June game now!


April-ish 2013

Only 11 players this time, but we had some really tough competition. Play lasted over an hour with only 5 players left! The short stacks kept doubling up and becoming big stacks. It was crazy.

Jon had a big stack early but had to settle for 4th pace points. Kathy was up and down and managed to secure 3rd. That left Lecia and I heads-up and I managed my first win of the year.

That puts the top 5 at:

  1. Jerry - 149 points
  2. Lecia - 121 points
  3. Barb – 110 points
  4. Ed – 105 points
  5. Marv - 100 points

We’re only a third of the way through the season, so anything can happen! See you on May 4th.

Oh, a bunch of us are heading to Cherokee to play in the WSOP Circuit event – wish us luck. I’m also trying to set up a face book account so we can keep the rest of you informed. If you get a friend request from allaces cardclub, that would be us.


March 2013

That’s right, the April game is in March. It looks like that trip to France will finally happen in April and the only weekend I have left is the one I hoped to schedule the poker game for. So…. The April game is in March. Sorry, hope it doesn’t mess with any plans, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

We had a full house for the March game. We got a little late start and with the good play and all the new chips (2000 vs 1500 this year), the game didn’t end till almost midnight. I little late for us old folk and REALLY late for the kids. I’m going to make a minor adjustment to bring it closer to 11:00 PM. It’ll only affect the later rounds so everyone will have time to build their stacks before it gets crazy. I’ll let you know exactly what I plan to do as soon as I figure it out.

Like I said it was a long game, but David managed to hold out for 4th place points. Bob made the money in 3rd. Lecia made it good night for the Sczepanski family by bringing in 2nd place money. But it was Marv who outlasted everyone and took first place in his first game this year. Nice going Marv.

Here’s the top 5 as they stand now:

  1. Barb – 100 points
  2. Ed – 95 points
  3. Marv - 90 points
  4. Jerry – 84 points
  5. Lori - 83 points

As you can see Marv jumped from last to 3rd in one game. There’s still time to make your move. See you in April March.


February 2013

Things are still a little up in the air regarding this France trip, but I’m planning on have the game as scheduled on March 2nd.

We had 14 players this month. Everyone went fairly deep with no one even re-buying until nearly the second break. Lori finished in 4th to gain 15 points. I took another 3rd place. Barb used her big stack to force Michael to settle for second while she took first place.

Here are the top Five:

  1. Barb – 90 points
  2. Ed – 85 points
  3. Jerry – 74 points
  4. Lori - 73 points
  5. Michael - 52 points

This will also be our first THEME party for the year. March 2nd happens to be National Old Stuff Day! Take the idea and run with it. Either wear old stuff, dress old, or dress from olden days. Use your imagination. See you in March!


January 2013

We had 13 players to kick off 2013. The higher number of starting chips (and re-buys) extended the play a little so the game didn't end until just after 11:00 pm. Of course we started late due to the awards and announcements. So I don’t think it was bad. At the end of the night, Tony received an extra 13 points for his 4th place finish. I managed a 3rd place and Lori gave Ed a run but fell short and had to settle for 2nd. That puts Ed in first place for 2013 (so far).

Here are the points:

  1. Ed – 75 points
  2. Lori – 49 points
  3. Jerry – 36 points
  4. Tony - 23 points
  5. Everyone else who showed – 10 points

You’ll note I didn’t include a date for the next game. I’m still shooting for the 2nd, but I may be out of the country (Yup – I’m working for Schneider again) and may have to move the game to the next weekend. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


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