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December 2014

We had 12 players for the final live game of 2014. Ed needed a first place finish to take 2nd place from Lori and he almost made it. His second place finish left him 19 points short. Harry won the game which might have given him 3rd overall if Ed hadn’t done so well. Rod took 3rd place and Kathy got the bonus points for finishing 4th.

As you can see, it was a game with a lot of potential impact on the championship. The final top 5 were:

  1. Jerry - 436 points
  2. Lori – 331 points
  3. Ed - 312 points
  4. Harry – 291 points
  5. Jim - 235 points

That means I took first in the WSOP challenge as well, so I’ll represent our group again in June. After David’s 4th place finish in the Circuit event in Cherokee, I’ll be sure to be asking him for advice.

Jim won the online championship this year. We’re trying to decide what to do about the online game. We need more players. How can we change the game to make it more accessible? Different night? Earlier (Later) starting time? Let me know your thoughts.

We’ll still be playing every Thursday night @ 8:30. The rest of the games in December do not count toward the championship. New points will start with the first game of 2015 – which may be Jan 1!


Lori and David are hosting a game this Saturday @ 6:00 PM. Email me or Lori ( if you are interested.

Also look for an invite to our New Year’s Brunch.

See you at Lori’s on Saturday or next year!!


November 2014

The November game had a respectable 14 players. There were some big hands early (set over set) that hit a few players pretty hard, but most were able to last until the third break. Then, as usual, the blinds moved things right along.

Jim made it to 4th and scored the bonus points. I took third and nearly locked up the championship (and the WSOP entry). Marv ended up with a nice 2nd place finish. And Jon broke an over 2 year dry spell to finish in the money with his first win since June 2012.

I was able to widen the gap to second. Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 426 points
  2. Lori – 321 points
  3. Ed - 266 points
  4. Jim - 225 points
  5. Bob – 222 points

My third place points make it almost impossible for Lori to catch me. She needs to have LOTS of players in Dec. (and she has to win of course). You can do your part by showing up – she’ll have to do the rest.

Come see how it ends!


October 2014

Another small field this month as we only had 12 players. This month’s first time player was Peter who runs a nice game in Durham. Usually our games conflict, but this time he was able to make it.

Starting 6 at a table made the blinds come around pretty quickly. Still most people made it to the second break. I almost score some extra points, but Tony sucked out on me on the river and I had to settle for 5th. Lori took 4th and managed to cut my lead by 12 points. Bob hung in there for 3rd. It was Tony and Peter heads-up and Peter’s luck was a little better so Tony ended in second. Congratulations Peter!

I still have the lead, but it’s shrinking.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 388 points
  2. Lori – 311 points
  3. Ed - 256 points
  4. Bob – 212 points
  5. Harry - 211 points

I can lock it up next month – or not!


September 2014

14 players for September. We did get a chance to welcome one of our online players to the live game. Big John probably won’t make many games since the drive from Georgia takes quite a while.

A lot of good play allowed most everyone to last until the blinds really made it a matter of who managed to come up with a good hand. I managed to make it to 4th and pick up a few extra points. Lori made up a little ground by coming in third. Barb took second, leaving Ed to take his first win of the year and vault into 3rd place overall.

I’ve still got a good lead, but the field is closing in.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 378 points
  2. Lori – 289 points
  3. Ed - 246 points
  4. Harry - 211 points
  5. Jim – 191 points

We begin to wrap it up next month. Be there!


August 2014

15 players in August. It felt a little strange to be at 2 tables. It was a night of bad beats. Aces got cracked. Kings got cracked. Two pair fell to a straight draw. We didn’t get to the final table until nearly 10:30, then we quickly dropped to 4. Lori and Bob had the short stacks and each was trying to hang on for the money bubble. Bob managed to double up again and again and finally outlasted Lori to relegate her to 4th place. Bob then finished in third. The left me heads-up with Tony. I had a big chip advantage, mostly due to luck. I had a lot of hands that turned into monsters by the river. I had 8-2 turn into a full house. My flush draw even turned into a Royal Flush! click here to see it

The heads-up battle lasted 2 hands. I had K-3 vs Tony’s K-6 and hit a 3 on the flop. It held up – it was that kind of night.

The win gave me a little cushion, but I made all my points in 4 months and we have 4 months left in the season. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 354 points
  2. Lori – 251 points
  3. Harry - 201 points
  4. Jim – 181 points
  5. Bob - 168 points

The journey continues in September. See you there!


July 2014

We had 17 players for the July game. We got to break out the new tables and the new chips, I think they looked pretty good. Even with 17 players the game only lasted until 11:20. At the end of the night, it was Ben taking the bonus points for fourth. I took third. Harry put up a good fight, but Jim took first and Harry had to settle for second.

My third place was good enough to keep me in first overall, and Jim’s win took him to 4th place.

Here’s how the top 5 shake out:

  1. Jerry - 269 points
  2. Lori – 226 points
  3. Harry - 201 points
  4. Jim – 171 points
  5. Ed - 156 points

Plenty of room for everyone in August – hope to see you there!


June 2014

We had 15 players for the June game. Only two tables but it ended up being one of our longest games yet.

Jon and Ben went out in the same hand, but Ben had $500 more than Jon so he took third and Jon had to settle for bonus points in fourth.

This put me (barely) into the lead overall.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry - 225 points
  2. Lori – 216 points
  3. Kathy – 149 points
  4. Ed - 146 points
  5. Harry - 140 points

Sophie also has 140 points but $5 less in winnings.

As you can see, one win can REALLY make a difference. Maybe your win will come in July. See you then!


May 2014

I’ll be in Las Vegas in the 7th trying to bring back some money for us! So the game will have to wait until the 14th. Meanwhile, don’t forget the bonus games on May 16th ( Click Here for details.) and on May 17th (contact Jon).

We had 18 players again this month and the play was outstanding. Most everyone lasted past the second break. After that people dropped out quickly. Jon made it to the final table but had to settle for the bonus points when his KQ failed to beat my pocket pair. That let Bob squeak into third place. Michael and I had a good heads-up battle where the lead went back and forth and back and forth. But, when the music stopped, I had the chips and Michael had to settle for second. My first cash of the year! (and first with the target on my back).

It was enough to propel me into second place overall. Here’s the top 5:

  1. Lori – 161 points
  2. Jerry - 140 points
  3. Kathy – 139 points
  4. Ed - 136 points
  5. Harry - 130 points

Sophie also has 130 points but $5 less in winnings.

Hope to see ALL of you in June!


April 2014

First all of us who went to Cherokee had a great time and some even made money! For more details see the write-up on our web site: Click here!

The April game was the largest we’ve ever had. 18 players started on 3 tables. Even with that many players we ended right around 11:00 PM so we’ll do away with the waiting list and add a third table when needed. Now there’s room for everyone!

David survived most of the field to finish in fourth place. Lori took third. Kathy had a good heads-up battle for second, but it was Marv walking away with first place and the big pay-out.

It’s interesting that the top three were all in Cherokee last weekend. I think playing against outsiders once in a while really helps your game.

A new leader this month. Here’s the top 5:

  1. Lori – 151 points
  2. Kathy – 129 points
  3. Ed - 126 points
  4. Harry - 120 points
  5. Marv - 120 points

Sophie also has 120 points but $5 less in winnings.

Hope to see ALL of you in May!


March 2014

We’ll be fresh back from Cherokee hopefully with some great stories.

The March game had 15 players, but the night really belonged to the ladies. Barb took third place, Kathy took second and Lori took the win. Jon gave the guys the consolation prize by getting the extra points for 4th. Great job ladies!

Ed wasn’t able to make it, but retained first overall because we’ve had three different winners for the three months.

The top five are now:

  1. Ed - 116 points
  2. Sophie - 100 points
  3. Harry - 100 points
  4. Lori – 105 points
  5. Kathy – 65 points

The poker discussion we had before the game went well. I’m sure we’ll do that again this year.

At one point we had 3 people on the waiting list, so it’s important that you reserve your spot as soon as you can!

See you in April.


February 2014

We had 16 players again this month and even had a couple on the waiting list. Since full games are becoming the norm instead of the exception, I’m encouraging EVERYONE to respond to the invite as soon as you know you want to come. Spots are awarded in the order that people respond. Even you think I “know” you’ll be there, please respond.

The games are becoming very popular with people coming from as far as Austria to attend.

And with good reason! The play was excellent this month. Ben made a good run, but had to settle for fourth. Pam (who hasn’t attended in years) managed to renew her beginner’s luck and finished 3rd. Ed had back-to-back second places. Sophie couldn’t do back-to-back wins, so Harry stepped up and took first!

Ed’s 2 second places put into the first overall for the year, but it’s a close race. Here’s the top 5:

  1. Ed - 116 points
  2. Sophie - 100 points
  3. Harry - 100 points
  4. Bob – 52 points
  5. Pam – 42 points

Have you ever wondered: When should I raise, check, fold? How much should I raise with aces? Should I always check it down when someone is all-in? The March game may be the time to find out. Anyone interested in discussing poker can show up early (say 5:30 pm) and ask all those questions we’re not supposed to talk about during the games. It’s a great time to learn a thing or two (or just gain some insight into how others play).


January 2014

We started the year right with 16 players. Including three new ones! Two of the new ones are from out of town and won’t be able to make many of the live games, but said they’ll be attending some of the online games! It’s a great way to get in some extra practice!

And it looks like we’ll need extra practice this year as the competition is tough! I was the second one out! Jim did better – he manage to take fourth and score some extra points. Bob got his second cash in a row and took home third place. Ed also had back-to-back cashes, but not back-to-back wins as he had to settle for second. The winner was Sophie – playing in her first monthly game! I have a feeling we’ll see her in the top 4 again before long.

Anyway, Here’s the top 4:

  1. Sophie - 90 points
  2. Ed - 58 points
  3. Bob – 42 points
  4. Jim – 26 points

Everyone else who attended has 10 points.

The season is still young – reserve your spot for Feb. now!

BTW – we are still taking entries for the WSOP. We have locked in at $10 per month!


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