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December 2015

Only 10 players to finish the year. Kathy was the only one who could upset Jon’s Championship bid. When Jon went out, it looked like she might have a shot, but she also went out before the points.

Ed managed to finish 4th, Tony finished 3rd. Jim and I went heads-up for quit a while, but I managed get pocket aces at the right time and took my first win since the beginning of the year.

Hereare the top finishers for the year:

  1. Jon - 335 points
  2. Jim - 312 points
  3. Kathy - 296 points

Congratulations to all. And thanks to everyone who made this a great season!

Jon and Sophie will host a bonus game to start off the new year (Jan 2nd). Time and rules are the same as my game. Let him or me know if you can attend.

As for rules, We’ll see a few changes with the new year:

Some things that will NOT change:

Look forward to seeing you next year!


November 2015

We had 12 players for the November game, but TWO of those were first-timers. Play got very interesting near the end when Kathy took out both Jon and Tony in the same hand. The were equal in chips so they had to split 3rd place. Lori got to play Kathy heads-up – but only for two hands. Then it was over. Kathy had pretty much rolled over the final table.

Kathy’s win made her one of 3 people who can catch up to Jon. Will she do it??

Here’s the current leaderboard:

  1. Jon - 325 points
  2. David - 288 points
  3. Kathy - 286 points
  4. Jim - 272 points
  5. Sophie - 232 points

One games left!

REMINDER: We have a bonus game coming up:

Saturday (Nov 12th), at Lori and David’s


October 2015

We had 15 players for the October game. I was Jim’s night and, despite a good heads-up contest with David K, Jim took first and David had to settle for second. Jon took another 3rd which kept him in first place overall, but David is catching up! Lori took 4th and had to settle for the bonus points.

Jim’s first place shot him into third place. Where would a 1st place put you?

Here’s the current leaderboard:

  1. Jon - 297 points
  2. David - 288 points
  3. Jim - 266 points
  4. Sophie - 222 points
  5. Kathy - 216 points

Two games left

REMINDER: We have several bonus games coming up:

Saturday (Oct 10th), at Lori and David’s
Wednesday (Oct 14th) at Buck’s Billards for Charity (JDRF)
Saturday (Oct 17th) at Jon and Sophie’s


September 2015

We only had 12 players for the September game, but the action made it seem like there were more. Jim managed to take the bonus points for 4th place. Jon is having a good year – he took third and has scored in 5 out of the 7 events he’s played this year. Barb and Lori had a long heads-up battle. They swapped the lead several times, but there can only be one winner and this month it was Lori!

Jon’s 3rd place finish gives him back the lead.

  1. Jon - 257 points
  2. David - 233 points
  3. Sophie - 212 points
  4. Kathy - 206 points
  5. Ben - 184 points

Three games left – anyone could still take it!


August 2015

I’m about 90% certain this is the correct date for the next game, but there is talk of work travel in September so….

Meanwhile, the August game was great, with 17 players and it seemed that everyone had a chance to win it. There was no clear-cut chip leader until well after we established the final table. Kathy took another 4th place. Jon took third (after winning last month). Ben took second to give him 3 top 4 finishes in the last 4 months. But the overall winner was David K. He improved over last month’s second with a win this month.

David came from nowhere to tie Jon for first. In fact, David takes it due to the tie-breaker.

  1. David - 223 points
  2. Jon - 223 points
  3. Sophie - 202 points
  4. Kathy - 196 points
  5. Ben - 174 points

Less than 50 points separate the top 5!

It’s a long time till the next game, so try to make it to Dave and Lori’s game this Saturday (or maybe someone else will through a bonus game????)


July 2015

The turn-outs are picking up and so is the action. We had 14 players this month. The play was good and strong with almost everyone lasting to the third break. Then it quickly fell down to 4 players. Jon busted out in 4th and we thought we had the final three – then he realized he hadn’t re-bought. The blinds were 2,000/4,000 and Jon was in the small blind. He’d had to use all his chips, just to meet the small blind. Possibly $10 for 1 hand! Jon decided to go for it and re-bought. He won his hand and the next one. Then Kathy busted out in 4th and Jon made the money. He doubled up again and then Bob went out and Jon was playing heads-up with David for the win. He was way behind but managed to catch up. Then took first when he went all-in with pocket queens and David called with an inferior hand.

Jon and Sophie now have the #1 and #2 spots:

  1. Sophie - 192 points
  2. Jon - 179 points
  3. Kathy - 169 points
  4. Ed - 156 points
  5. Jim - 145 points

Still just over 40 points separate the top 5!

We’ll start out August right with a game on the 1st Hope we see you there!


June 2015

Another light turn-out in June, we only had 10 players. Marv brought his son, Eric, who was in town visiting. He seemed to enjoy his debut, taking first place! Jim also had another good night, taking second place. Ed rounded out the top three with 3rd and Ben picked up the bonus points for 4th place.

It’s a close race at the top:

  1. Sophie - 182 points
  2. Ed - 146 points
  3. Kathy - 145 points
  4. Jim - 135 points
  5. Jerry - 134 points

A little over 40 points separate 1st from 5th!

The next game will be a week later on July 11th due to the holiday. But Jon and Sophie are hosting a BONUS POKER game on JUNE 27th! It’s the same as my game, but alcohol beverage are welcome and there’s a slight change in the way the button moves. (also there are no points awarded – just a great time to practice your game).

Hope to see you at BOTH games!


May 2015

We only had 11 players this month, but the competition was fierce. Sophie continued her streak from last month. She hit TWO straight flushes (one a Royal). Even so, she could only make it to fourth place. Bob took third place then Jim and Ben had a very good battle for first.

The blinds were getting high and the lead kept switching back and forth…. When the dust cleared with was Jim taking first place and Ben had to settle for second.

Sophie has finished in the top four for the past three months! Here’s the current top 5:

  1. Sophie - 182 points
  2. Kathy - 135 points
  3. Jerry - 124 points
  4. Ed - 116 points
  5. Lecia - 115 points

Jon and Sophie can’t attend the June game, so here’s your chance to catch up to her (it might be our only chance!)

See you in June!


April 2015

Mark your calendars! It’s quite a while until our next party. Fortunately, Dave and Lori will be host a bonus game this Saturday, there’s Cherokee next weekend, so there’s still some poker to be played.

The April game was pretty even until Sophie re-bought. From then on she couldn’t seem to lose a hand easily taking the win from a field of 14 players. Jon took second so it was a very good night for the Baileys. Ed took another 3rd place to advance in the points and I managed to hold on to 4th and gain a few bonus points.

Sohpie’s win and her second place last week shot her right up to the top:

  1. Sophie - 161 points
  2. Kathy - 125 points
  3. Lecia - 115 points
  4. Jerry - 114 points
  5. Harry – 109 points

Notice the top 3 spots all belong to the ladies. Not really surprising when you know their quality of play, but come on guys!

Anyway, practice up (maybe in Cherokee) and we’ll see you on the 16th!


March 2015

We had 21 players signed up for March’s game, but a number had to drop out before the start so only 17 started. We had plenty of good play and the chips lasted quite a while (Jim made it to the final table despite being blinded out for the first hour). Jon ended up as the bubble boy and had to settle for the extra points. Peter finished third to prove his win last year wasn’t a fluke. It was down to the ladies with Sophie facing off against Kathy for the win. Kathy had hurt herself the day before but played through the pain to take the win!

Here' the top 5:

  1. Lecia - 115 points
  2. Kathy - 115 points
  3. Harry – 99 points
  4. Jerry - 90 points
  5. Sophie - 81 points

We’re still at the point where you can come from nowhere to take one of the top spots! Maybe your turn is in April!


February 2015

We had a record 19 players for the February game! And, with 15 re-buys, there were a LOT of chips in play. We still had 3 tables past the second break. Then the blinds really started to take a toll. Lori was the bubble-girl in 4th and had to settle for the bonus points. Ed cashed in 3rd. And Lecia was able to best Harry to take the win and vault into first place overall. Harry’s second place was good enough to put him in second overall.

Even with all those chips we finished well before 11:30!

Here' the top 5:

  1. Lecia - 105 points
  2. Harry – 89 points
  3. Jerry - 80 points
  4. Ed - 58 points
  5. David K. – 56 points

Lecia hadn’t even played last month and her win was able to catapult her into first place. You could do the same in March! See you there!


January 2015

We had 12 players to start the 2015 season. It took quite a while to get down to the final table. Then people started dropping quickly.

Harry was able to hold on long enough to secure the bonus points for 4th. Bob took third place and David K and I battled for 1st. I got the hands when I needed them to continue my winning streak.

That makes the top 5 for 2015:

  1. Jerry - 70 points
  2. David K. – 46 points
  3. Bob - 34 points
  4. Harry – 22 points
  5. Everyone else who played - 10 points

Even if you missed this game – you’re only 10 points away from the top 5!! Play next month and catch up!


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