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December 2018

We had 16 players for the December live game. There was a great battle for 2nd place overall. Barb held it and was there to defend, but there were 4 players that could take it away.

Two fell out fairly early, but Barb and 2 others made it to the final table. Jon was the first of the contenders to drop out. Then Barb went out leaving only Zahit with a chance at second overall.

He made it to 4th place, but needed to win to take the spot from Barb. Ben finished in third. Bob and David K. went heads-up with Bob getting the better end of the deal. Bob wins and David takes second.

Here's the top 5 for the year:

  1. Jerry – 546 points
  2. Barb – 319 points
  3. Jon – 284 points
  4. Joe – 283 points
  5. Ed – 273 points

Jerry and Barb win the top 2 spots so they will represent the group at the WSOP Circuit event.

The Themes for next year will be in the reminder email. Happy Holidays!


November 2018

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has attended one of our games. We have a great little community and that's why I look forward to our games each month.

We had 16 players for tonight's live game. It was the usual mix of serious play and playful banter.

When the dust settled, Joe took 4th place (and the bonus points). Kathy played through her injuries to take 3rd. Sophie and Tony went heads-up for the title. Tony had Sophie out-kicked when all the chips went in and she couldn't catch up. She settled for 2nd and Tony took the win.

Jerry still leads and Barb is still in second. Jon remains in 3rd, but Joe has moved to within 1 point of him. Ed is in 5th and Zahit also has a shot for second place. Should be another good finish next month!

  1. Jerry – 536 points
  2. Barb – 309 points
  3. Jon – 274 points
  4. Joe – 273 points
  5. Ed – 263 points

Great game and good times.

The Theme for December is Beach!


October 2018

20 players for tonight's live game. And a big welcome to our two new players: Rob & Jason.

The competition was strong with most players hanging in to the 400/800 blind level. That's when the blinds started to take their toll.

Jon managed to make it into fourth place for the bonus points.

Ben had a good size lead when it got down to four-handed, but Jerry managed a flush to bust his pocket queens and cripple him. He fought valiantly, but was the next to leave.

Jerry had a good sized lead over Zahit, but Zahit fought back and it was anyone's game. As it approached midnight, Jerry's luck returned and Zahit ran into a dry patch. Jerry was able to hit top pair and take the win.

Here's how the top 5 look now:

  1. Jerry – 526 points
  2. Barb – 299 points
  3. Jon – 264 points
  4. Ed – 253 points
  5. Joe – 247 points

This cinches Jerry for the championship. We are sending two people to the WSOP Circuit event, so there's still second place to contend for. Barb currently holds 2nd, but there are a few people closing in on her.

NOTE: The theme for November is Dress-up (costume).


September 2018

16 players for tonight's live game. Jim parlayed a late rebuy into bonus points. Pam picked a good week to return after 3 months and picked up a third place. Rod followed up last week's win at Jon's with a 2nd place here. But it was Zahit, also coming back after 3 months away who led most of the night and took the win.

Good job all!

Here's how the top 5 look now:

  1. Jerry – 416 points
  2. Barb – 289 points
  3. Ed – 243 points
  4. Joe – 237 points
  5. Jon – 234 points

NOTE: The theme for October is Pirate Night. ARRRRG you up for it?


August 2018

The September game has been moved to the second Saturday to avoid Labor day.

17 players for showed up for the August live game. The game went long with an extra long first break (someone forgot to restart the clock). And there was extra time spent balancing tables.

Good play ruled the night. Jon made it to fourth place to gain some extra points. Bob managed his stack and made it last until 3rd place. Jerry re-bought into an all-in (in the small blind) and managed to take 2nd place. But it was Andrew, flying in from Alaska, who took first place.

Jerry extended his lead, but there’s still time...

  1. Jerry – 406 points
  2. Barb – 279 points
  3. Ed – 233 points
  4. Joe – 227 points
  5. Jon – 224 points

NOTE: September’s Theme is Horrible Hats!


July 2018

There were 13 players for the July live game. Everyone got an extra 605 in chips (one red, on white, and one blue/black).

Barb and Joe were the early leaders and carried that through to the final table. Ed made it to 4th to take the bonus points. Jerry finished in third and Barb and Joe we heads-up for a couple of levels before Barb was able to take the win.

Jerry still leads but the others are closing in...

  1. Jerry – 345 points
  2. Barb – 269 points
  3. Ed – 223 points
  4. Joe – 217 points
  5. Jon – 197 points

NOTE: The theme for August is Sport's Team! Come and show your support!


June 2018

Tonight's live game had 14 players. It was also one of the few nights where pocket jacks could not seem to lose.

The Bailey family did well with Sophie taking bonus points for 4th place. Kathy ended up in 3rd and Jon went heads-up with Ed, but came out in second place. Ed won his second game of the year.

With the year half way over - Jerry still leads by over 100 points, but there is a close race for second place.

  1. Jerry – 309 points
  2. Ed – 200 points
  3. Barb – 194 points
  4. Jon – 187 points
  5. Joe – 168 points

NOTE: The theme for this month is 50's night!


May 2018

After a great discussion on betting strategies (we’ll definitely be doing more of those).

We had 17 players for Cinco de Poker this month. Play was pretty standard with everyone making it to the second break. Then the blinds started taking their tolls.

Once the final table was set, it seemed players went out every other hand. Barb had a big lead early, but lost most of it to Joe. She re-bought and went all in with best hand (AJ), but got two callers, both of whom beat her and she had to settle for 4th.

Zahit was next to exit when Jerry's pocket 3's held up. That left Joe and Jerry heads-up with nearly equal stacks. A few hands later Jerry hit his ace and Joe couldn't hit his flush to give Jerry the win.

Jerry has extended his lead for the year:

  1. Jerry – 299 points
  2. Barb – 184 points
  3. Joe – 158 points
  4. Jim – 140 points
  5. Jon – 135 points

NOTE: The next game is on the 9th instead of the 2nd. And the theme for this month is fabulous footwear!


April 2018

We had 14 players for tonight's live game. It started out with a fairly steady drop out rate, but stuck at 7 players for quite a while.

Then it was down to 4 with Chris and Bob each with one chip trying to outlast the other. Despite a last minute re-buy, Bob had to settle for 4th as Chris managed 3rd place.

Then it was Barb and Ed heads up for the win. After a dozen hands or so, they both ended up with an ace and went all in. Ed's ace was bigger and he took the win when it held up.

Good Job!

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 204 points
  2. Barb – 157 points
  3. Jim – 130 points
  4. Jon – 125 points
  5. Ed – 110 points


March 2018

It was couples night at this month’s live game. 15 players started the game and when the final table was set, it consisted of 4 couples.

The Baileys took 4th and 5th (Sophie took 4th). Jim took 3rd and his bride went heads-up (for 1 hand) against Jerry. She smashed him easily and took the win. Not a bad night for the Billes.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 194 points
  2. Jon – 125 points
  3. Jim – 120 points
  4. Barb – 105 points
  5. Joe – 87 points

Remember – this is the last month to join in on the WSOP Circuit competition. We’ll be paying buy-ins for 2 people this year, so let me know before the 31st if you want in.

BONUS POKER – One of my co-workers has organized a charity event for MS in Wake Forest on March 25th (Sunday) @ 3:00. Here’s his email: (and see the attached document)

Hey Gerald, I wanted to invite you and all your poker friends to a MS Fund raiser that my friend and I are running in Wake Forest. Please send it to all your poker friends. Should be a great game, half the money goes to the charity.

Hope you can make it.


February 2018

We had a record number of players this month with 20. That many players made for a long night of play. Esp. when everyone survives the first 2 hours. Things heated up then and it wasn't long before 3 tables turned into 2 and then one.

Tony squeezed his last chip for all it was worth, but ended up in 6th place. Sophie was next to fall. Pam got the extra points for 4th place and David K. took third.

Jim and Jerry went exactly one hand heads-up before Jerry sucked out and took the game!

This gives us a top five of:

  1. Jerry - 139 points
  2. Jon - 115 points
  3. Jim - 80 points
  4. Joe - 77 points
  5. David K - 60 points

Too many good costumes for Hippie 60’s. You should come out and judge for yourself this month!


January 2018

2018 started with a BANG! With 19 players and a lot of hot action, we didn’t even notice the cold temperatures (or that fact that we didn’t have any heat!).

The three tables quickly moved down to 2. Then began the battle to make the final table.

Jerry made it to the final table and managed to take fourth and score some bonus points.

Tony made it to third. The Jon and Joe fought for first place. Jon held on longest and he took the first win while Joe had to settle for second.

This gives us a top five of:

  1. Jon - 105 points
  2. Joe - 67 points
  3. Tony - 48 points
  4. Jerry - 29 points
  5. Everyone else who attended - 10 points

Pam took bragging rights for the fanciest pants.

Let’s keep up with the good turn-outs!


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