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December 2019

We had 18 players for the last live game of the year. Things were a little crowded with the construction and all, but that didn't stop the fun and the good play.

Jerry had already secured the overall championship, which was good because he went out early!

Barb had three players who could catch her for second place. One went out early, but one David made it to the final table. Brandy went out in 4th place and got the bonus points. David played tough but he went out in 3rd. That gave Barb 2nd place overall, but she still had to get past Kathy to take the tournament. Barb was on a roll and there was no stopping her - Kathy had to settle for 2nd place.

Good game all!

Here are the top 5 finishers for 2019:

  1. Jerry – 444 points
  2. Barb – 422 points
  3. David K. – 331 points
  4. Bob – 303 points
  5. Kathy – 279 points

We’ll be in the big room with 10 person tables next year. Hopefully we'll see you at the brunch (no poker though)

Here’s a tentative list of dates for next year:
January 4th
February 1st
March 7th
April 3rd – NOTE: this is a FRIDAY game!
May 2nd
June 6th
July 11th
August 1st
September 12th
October 3rd
November 7th
December 5th


November 2019

18 players saw a lot of big hands and good play. There were quads and boats and flushes galore.

Barb went out just short of the top to and wasn't able to gain ground on Jerry.

Newcomer Mehmet had a great showing with a 4th place win to gather some extra championship points. Jerry managed third and has pretty much locked up the championship again this year.

Bob and Sophie went heads-up for quite a few hands and were evenly stacked when Sophie rivered a straight to beat Bob's two-pair.

Well done to both players!

Jerry leads the championship. Barb still has 2nd, but she needs to watch her back as there are now 2 or 3 players within striking distance.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 434 points
  2. Barb – 322 points
  3. Bob – 293 points
  4. David K. – 285 points
  5. Jon – 239 points

December should be interesting.


October 2019

There were 15 players for the live game this month.

Good play with lots of ups and downs. Barb made a run for the championship lead, but had to settle for 4th place bonus points. She's still in striking distance.

Ben took third place for his first top 3 finish of the year. Rod and David had a spirited heads-up battle, with a lot of chips flowing back and forth. When the dust settled, David was victorious and Rod had to settle for second.

David's second win of the year puts him just a few points behind Barb. Jon and Bob are still tied, but now for 4th place. Jerry still leads, but it's getting interesting!>

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 388 points
  2. Barb – 312 points
  3. David K. – 275 points
  4. Bob – 229 points
  5. Jon – 229 points

The theme for next month is Fancy Pants – see you there!


September 2019

16 players for the September live game. With two full tables, the action was pretty slow with winning hands being distributed fairly evenly.

When it got down to the final table, things went much more quickly. Jerry came in with the chip lead but it was the new comer David P. (from CZ) who really caught fire.

Chris finished in 4th place for the bonus points. (first time this year) Lori finished in third (also her best finished for the year).

It was David P. and Jerry battling for the top spot. The definitive had was when Jerry shoved all-in with A9 and David called with KQ. He hit a king and Jerry was down to 3000. He fought back but couldn't recover and David P. took the win.

Jerry did manage to extend his lead in the overall championship.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 378 points
  2. Barb – 287 points
  3. Bob – 219 points
  4. Jon – 219 points
  5. Tony – 207 points

The theme for October is Dress-Up


August 2019

21 players attended the special Friday Night edition of the live game.

There were a lot of big hands. Quads, Aces vs Kings, Kings vs Queens, multiple person all-in's. But when the dust settled it was Jon, Jim , Kathy and Barb as the final four. Jon and Jim were short stacked. Kathy and re-built her stack and was healthy and Barb had been chip leader most of the night.

Kathy doubled up by taking out Jon. He had to settle for the 4th place points. Jim coasted into 3rd place, but couldn't get a hand to hold up. It was Kathy and Barb heads-up with similar stacks.

The heads-up battle only lasted one hand. Kathy flopped two pair and Barb had a flush drawn. The chips went in and Barb didn't improve, giving the win to Kathy.

Barb's second place did put her within striking distance of Jerry for the overall lead. It's shaping up to be an exciting finish!

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 320 points
  2. Barb – 277 points
  3. Bob – 210 points
  4. Jon – 210 points
  5. Tony – 207 points

The theme for September is 50's Night!


July 2019

16 players attended the July live game. 2 full tables saw a lot of action with several pocket aces, a straight-flush, and a pretty long heads-up session.

Jim managed to hang on for the 4th place bonus points. John S. took a third in his first appearance at our game. The Ben and Barb battled it out for first place, The chips went back and forth a number of times, but it was Barb who came out on top and Ben had to settle for second.

This moved Barb into 2nd place overall, but there are a couple of players within 10 points of her. Jerry is still out in front, but his lead is dwindling.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 310 points
  2. Barb – 204 points
  3. Bob – 199 points
  4. Tony – 197 points
  5. Jon – 178 points

The theme for August is Beach!


June 2019

19 players for the June Live game. A lot of players went deep, with the final table not being decided until after 10:30.

Tony was the one collected the bonus points for 4th place. Jon held on for third and it was Jerry and Bob going heads-up for the win. Bob had Jerry out-chipped, but Jerry made a game of it, but finally had to settle for second place.

Nice game all.

This leaves the top five:

  1. Jerry – 300 points
  2. Bob – 189 points
  3. Tony – 187 points
  4. Jon – 168 points
  5. Dave K. – 160 points

Bob came from nowhere to take second place! What will the leaderboard look like next month? Come play and find out!

The theme for July is Sensational Shades!


May 2019

We had 18 players for the May live game. Jerry managed to make it to the final table, but had to settle for the fourth place bonus points.

Ed was next out in third place. Joe seemed like he had it locked, but Rod persevered and (with some good cards) manage to steal the win.

Ed managed to vault into 4th place overall, with half the season still to play, anyone can win!

  1. Jerry – 233 points
  2. Tony – 158 points
  3. Dave K. – 150 points
  4. Ed – 122 points
  5. Jon – 120 points

We’re thinking about a cash game Saturday May 25th. Save the date – more information soon!


April 2019

We had a change in venue this month, but it didn’t seem to change the quality of the play.

When the dust settled, Harry finished in 4th to score the bonus points. Trevor turned his beginner’s luck (beginner for us – definitely not a Holdem beginner) into a solid 3rd place finish. Tony turned in his 2nd 2nd place. And Jon was rewarded for hosting by getting the win.

Thanks to everyone for being flexible with the last minute change.

Here’s how the top 5 look:

  1. Jerry – 205 points
  2. Tony – 148 points
  3. Dave K. – 140 points
  4. Jon – 110 points
  5. Harry – 105 points

Jerry & Barb represented the club at Cherokee this month. Despite deep runs, they weren’t able to cash. I think we’re getting closer every year. Hopefully, next year!


March 2019

First, a reminder about the $50 charity poker game for MS on Sunday the 10th (see attached flyer). I’ve heard there is also a $25 add-on that doubles your starting stack! Come on out! It’s for a good cause and you can win some cool prizes!

Next, Jon & Sophie will be hosting a No Limit Hold’em Tournament on Saturday March 26th. Rules, start time, pretty much everything is the same as the All Aces game so it should be familiar and fun! Let Jon or me know if you can make it so he can save a seat for you!

Last, but not least, we had a good turn-out with 17 players for the March live game. There were a lot of second best hands tonight which cost a lot of chips. When the dust settled, Jim had finished in 4th place. Bob held on for 3rd place. Jerry and Harry went heads-up for the title. Jerry caught a couple of good hands and managed to take his second win of the year!

With this win, Jerry re-takes the lead for the championship.

  1. Jerry – 205 points
  2. Dave K. – 140 points
  3. Tony – 96 points
  4. Barb – 84 points
  5. Harry – 81 points

The theme for April is Fantastic Fan – cheer on your favorite team!


February 2019

A record 22 players showed up for this month's live game. It took most of the night to make it to the final table, But, even with that many chips in play, the blinds were making it tough. Dave K took out both Joe and Pam with 2 pair. Pam had more chips so Joe had to settle for 4th and she got 3rd.

It was Tony and Dave heads-up, but Dave had the bigger stack. Tony made a come-back, but it was just too far to go and Dave held on to win against that largest field we've hosted.

This puts Dave in the lead for the championship with Jerry right behind:

  1. Dave K. – 130 points
  2. Jerry – 110 points
  3. Tony – 86 points
  4. Barb – 74 points
  5. Ed – 56 points

The theme for this month is Wear’n of the Green.

Also – we have 1 more share for the WSOP Circuit event. We’ll be able to send two players this year so don’t miss out. Let me know if you want this share by the end of February.


January 2019

18 players gathered to kick off the 2019 season. There were quads. There were straight flushes. There were all-ins galore. The new rule (only using the dealer button) went pretty well – no major problems. I suspect it’ll be even easier this month.

Harry made the final after taking a couple of years off. It was a good night for the Billes, with Jim taking the bonus points for 4th place. Ed had a solid finish with his third place. And it was Jerry and Barb heads-up for the win. I guess history does repeat itself, because, just like in the championship battle) Jerry took the win and Barb had to settle for second (this time).

Here's the top 5 for the year:

  1. Jerry – 100 points
  2. Barb – 64 points
  3. Ed – 46 points
  4. Jim – 28 points
  5. Everyone else who played – 10 points

The theme for this month is Horrible Hat.

Here’s the revised schedule with themes (and Sept. date corrected)

January 5th – No theme
February 2nd– Horrible Hat
March 2nd– Wear’n of the Green
April 6th– Fantastic Fan
May 4th– Star Wars
June 1st– Fabulous Footwear
July 13th– Sensational Shades
August 3rd– Beach
September 7th– 50’s Night
October 5th– Dress-up (costume or evening wear)
November 2nd– Fancy Pants
December 7th– Happy Holidays


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