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November 2021
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October 2021
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November 2021 - makeup

16 players made it to tonight's live game. While there was some bad luck early on, most people made it past the first two hours.

Then there were multiple eliminations, and BAM - we were at the final table. The eliminations continued there until they were 7-handed. Then more than 30 minutes went by without anyone busting out.

The 2 went out in the same hand. then another went out. Soon there were only 4 players. Jon was the first out from that group and had to settle for the bonus points.

Rod was next out in third place. This shot him past Ed for second place overall. Peter and Jim played heads-up for 20 minutes with nearly even stacks. The Jim got the better hand and doubled up. this left Peter with one big blind. He lost the next hand and had to settle for 2nd. Jim took the win!

Jerry still leads overall, but Rod is now in second. Ed has slipped to third. Jim has jumped to 4th and Kathy is in fifth. Jerry's place is secure, but any of the others could change when we finish the season next month!

  1. Jerry - 473 points
  2. Rod - 305 points
  3. Ed - 275 points
  4. Jim - 269 points
  5. Kathy - 260 points

The next game is Dec. 4th.


November 2021

14 players came to the November live game tonight.

A few players got unlucky early and didn't make it to the second break. Most players, though, easily survived the first 2 hours.

It was a the final table when the blinds were really taking their toll. It got down to 4 handed fairly quickly, but then stalled as no one wanted to go home.

Jon ended up going out in 4th place and taking the bonus points. It was Barb, Ed, and Jerry vying for the top 3. They made it through the 3rd break, but then Barb was the first to blink and took 3rd.

Ed and Jerry went heads-up with the lead changing a few times. There were a couple of all-ins, but the elimination was slow in coming. Finally it was Ed who triumphed and Jerry had to settle for 2nd place.

  1. Jerry - 463 points
  2. Ed - 265 points
  3. Rod - 263 points
  4. Kathy - 250 points
  5. Bob - 230 points

Jerry still leads the championship and has pretty much locked it up. But Ed and Rod have 2nd and third place with only 2 points separating them. Kathy is only a few points behind them and Bob is also within striking distance with two games to go.

The next game is Nov. 20th and we'll be doing the potluck again! (yes, I'll probably make the jalapeno dip).

Nearly forgot to mention that this gentleman made an appearance last night. Courtesy of Jim Bille

Fester Addams

October 2021 - makeup

12 people attended tonight's live game. Everyone made it through the first 2 breaks, but then it got real.

3 People went out in one hand to make a final table of 9 players. Then players went out every couple of hands until there were only 4 left.

John S. hung on, but had to settle for 4th place and the bonus points.

David, Rod, and Kathy played 3 handed for quite a while. Kathy was the first to fall, leaving Rod and David heads-up.

David had the chip lead and Rod could never quite overcome it. He would lose a few then win a few Forcing David to play his best.

When it settled - David came out on top and Rod had to take second.

  1. Jerry - 411 points
  2. Rod - 263 points
  3. Kathy - 240 points
  4. Bob - 220 points
  5. Ben - 210 points

Next game is Nov. 6th - hope to see you all there!


October 2021

Only 9 people showed up for the last-minute live game tonight. Still there was a lot of action and I think everyone got at least two hours of solid play.

Even Lori's quad jacks couldn't put her into the top 4. Bob nearly held on for it, but he also fell short.

It was Jon taking the 4th place spot and the coveted bonus points.

Jerry was next out. He lost a flip to Ben that would have put him into the lead. But, every flip has a loser and this time Jerry had to settle for third.

It was David and Ben heads-up for the top spot. Ben shoved with his pocket 6's only to run into pocket queens. The queens held up and David had a huge lead over Ben. Ben did manage to double up a couple times to make a fight of it. But David just had to big a lead and took the win!

  1. Jerry - 401 points
  2. Rod - 217 points
  3. Ben - 210 points
  4. Bob - 210 points
  5. Kathy - 206 points

We need one more make-up game (after this one) to get caught up for this year. Don't know if we'll be able to squeeze it in, but I hope so.


August 2021 - makeup

Tonight's live game was a little short on players (only 11), but it was long on action. It went more than 2 hours before the first person went out (sorry Jon). Then we consolidated to one table.

That's when the action really picked up. People were getting busted left and right, but mostly they could re-enter. Chip stacks came and went.

Bob was holding on, but couldn't quite make it and went out on the points bubble (5th). Sophie managed to take the bonus points and leave Jerry, Kathy & Ben to battle for the top three spots.

Jerry and Kathy were the first to clash went Kathy shoved with AK and Jerry called with his pocket jacks. Kathy hit her ace on the river and Jerry had to settle for third.

Ben was trying for back-to-back wins, but he had to get through Kathy's big stack. He won a couple of flips (thanks to quad 6's and a ROYAL FLUSH!) and was nearly even with Kathy. Kathy shoved with A-10 and Ben called with his KJ. Neither improved and Kathy had him out-chipped by 400 chips to take the win!

Ben's Royal Flush

Great game everyone.

Jerry still leads the points race, but there 's a real battle for third.

  1. Jerry - 373 points
  2. Rod - 217 points
  3. B0b - 200 points
  4. Kathy - 196 points
  5. Ben - 173 points

and there are three more players within 10 points of Ben!

The next game on the schedule is Sept. 11 (we're skipping Labor Day weekend) but it may be postponed due to Covid. Watch your emails.

Future dates: 9/11, 10/2, 10/16, 11/6 and 12/4. These dates are tentative, but it's what we're planning.


August 2021

14 players attended tonight's live event. No as many big hands as last month, but still plenty of action.

Most everyone made it through the first 2 hours of play, then players started falling out at a regular basis.

It wasn't too long before we were down to 4 players. It was Ben, Jerry, Jim and Jon. They were all evenly stacked and they played for several levels. The lead went back and forth with no one getting a big lead.

Jim doubled up Jon and Ben doubled up Jerry just before the 3rd break. Jim was very short stacked and Jerry took him out not long after the break.

Ben, however, started a comeback. He chipped up until he was able to take out Jon. That left him and Jerry to battle it out for the win. Jerry had him out-chipped, but couldn't seem to get a hand at the right time. Ben doubled up, leaving Jerry short. Ben got his chips in good and held on to get his first win of the season.

Well Done!

Jerry still holds the top spot overall:

  1. Jerry - 341 points
  2. Rod - 207 points
  3. B0b - 190 points
  4. Jim - 169 points
  5. Ed - 155 points

The next live game will be in 3 weeks - August 28th. This is the first of 2 make-up games from last year.

Future dates: 9/11, 10/2, 10/16, 11/6 and 12/4. These dates are tentative, but it's what we're planning.


July 2021

The July game only had 13 players, but LOTS of big hands. There were 4 sets of quads (all at the same table).

It was also nice to have the pot-luck back. The food alone is worth the price of admission!

Bob managed to hang on for a fourth place finish and scored the bonus points. It was Kathy, Jon and Jerry in the top three. Kathy had the most chips, but Jerry took a big chunk when he called her all-in with a better kicker. Kathy went out a few hands later and it was Jerry and Jon heads-up for the game.

Jon had a few more chips than Jerry, but Jerry was hanging in there. Jerry hit 2-pair on the turn and called Jon's all-in shove. He was in good shape until Jon hit his gut-shot straight and took the win.

Jerry still holds the top spot overall:

  1. Jerry – 289 points
  2. Rod – 207 points
  3. B0b - 180 points
  4. Jim – 145 points (Jim wins the tie-break because he has a first-place finish)
  5. Ed – 145 points

Future dates: 8/28, 9/11, 10/2, 10/16, 11/6 and 12/4. These dates are tentative, but it's what we're planning.


June 2021

After a 15 month break - it felt very weird to be playing live poker again - but weird in a GOOD way!

There were 18 players for the June game. This was the 4th game in the 2020/2021 season. We plan to have 1 game every month plus 2 months will have 2 games so we can end the season in December as usual.

We started early (6:00 PM instead of 6:45 PM). It seemed to work as the game finished before 11:00 PM even though everyone got a bonus 500 chip as a welcome back gift.

There was a lot of action early with flushes and full-houses and even quads making a few appearances. Still every made it past the first couple of breaks.

It seemed like everyone got a turn to be chip leader. Peter took and early lead - then couldn't win a flip and ended up doubling up half the table. Ed had a big stack before the cards turned on him. Mehmet had a decent stack but it went away and he had to re-buy with the blinds being 1000/2000. It worked out for him (sorta) since he finished in 3rd place and scored some bonus points,

It was Jerry getting lucky late and he put away Ed in third place. He had a 2 to 1 chip advantage over Bob in the heads-up battle. Bob couldn't get the traction he needed and Jerry managed to wear him down. Bob shoved - Jerry called with a better hand and it held up. Jerry took the back-to-back (with a long break in between) win.

Jerry is now in first place, Rod is second and Bob is third.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Jerry – 240 points
  2. Rod – 197 points
  3. B0b - 157 points
  4. Jim – 145 points (Jim wins the tie-break because he has a first-place finish)
  5. Ed – 145 points

Next game is July 10th


March 2020

There were 22 players for the March game. The start was delayed a little, but eventually everything settled down. Nearly everyone made it past the second break, then the blinds started to take their tolls.

Jerry managed to build a pretty good chip led by the final table. Kathy was playing tough, but had to settle for 4th place. Barb was next to fall and it was Memhet and Jerry heads-up for the title. Jerry managed to get it in with a better hand and took the game.

Jerry is now in second to Rod for the year, with Jim right behind him.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Rod – 187 points
  2. Jerry – 140 points
  3. Jim – 135 points
  4. Ed – 99 points
  5. Mehmet - 96 points

See you next month! - (Boy was I wrong about that!)


February 2020

21 players for February’s live game. Tony had a huge lead going into the top 4, but a couple of bad hands put him out in 4th place.

Rod followed his 1st place last month with a 3rd place this month to keep him high atop the leader board.

Bob gave Jim a run for his money, but had to settle for 2nd place when his queens over aces couldn't beat Jim's aces over queens.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Rod – 177 points
  2. Jim – 125 points
  3. Ed – 89 points
  4. Bob - 83 points
  5. Pam – 56 points


January 2020

A record 23 players started the live event this Saturday. And it lasted a record amount of time as well. Jerry made it to 6th place, but had to buy breakfast for Kathy who made it to 4th and scored the bonus points.

It was a long battle among the top three, with Pam blinking first and ending up in third. The Rod and Ed went at it for another couple of blind levels. Rod ended up with the win and Ed had to settle for 2nd.

Here’s the top 5:

  1. Rod – 125 points
  2. Ed – 79 points
  3. Pam – 56 points
  4. Kathy – 33 points
  5. Everyone else who showed up – 10 points


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