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November 2022

A lucky 13 players attended November's live game. A few had to re-enter early, but nearly all made it past the second break.

When we got down to a single table is when the players started falling out. There were some big chip swings, and players were going out two at a time.

When the 3rd break came it was down to the final 4. Zahit and Kathy busted out on the same hand and with the same chip stack. They split 3rd and 4th place.

Then it was Sophie and Chris heads-up for the win. Chris double a time or two, but Sophie kept the pressure on and took the win!

Since Bob couldn't play, David locked up the overall first place. It looks like Bob is pretty much a lock for second. There's a real battle for third with a number of people poised to take it.

  1. David K. - 429 points
  2. Bob - 292 points
  3. Sophie - 248 points
  4. Rod - 245 points
  5. Jon - 241 points

Looking forward to December.


October 2022

Only 12 players for tonight's live game, but the play was top notch. It didn't take too long for 2 to drop out and for everyone to move to the final table.

From there, people tended to last a while longer with one or two going out each level or two.

We got to 5 handed and stayed for a couple of levels. Then it was the top 4. Jerry had to be satisfied with 4th place and the bonus points. Dave was the next one out, but he still added to his considerable lead.

Bob and Rod went heads-up for more than 30 minutes with the lead going back and forth. It was Bob ending up on top and Rod had to settle for second.

Dave has just about locked up the championship. Only Bob can catch him and he needs to win the last two!

  1. David K. - 419 points
  2. Bob - 292 points
  3. Rod - 235 points
  4. Jon - 231 points
  5. Jerry - 219 points

The last game of the year is scheduled for 12/3.


September 2022

17 players made it to tonight's live game. It seemed all the action players were at one table while the other table was more sedate. There were multiple re-entries from one table in the first 2 hours of play.

As usual the food was good which was a consolation when players started dropping out after the second break.

It got down to 7 players quite quickly then it was mostly blind against blind. By the third break there were 6 players and 2 were on life-support. Those two went out in the first couple of rounds.

Kathy tripled up, then lost it when her pocket pair didn't hold up. She took the bonus points for 4th place.

Sophie was next to after extended 3-handled play. That left Joe heads-up with Dave. Joe had the big stack and managed to wear down Dave to take the win.

Dave extends his championship lead.

  1. David K. - 385 points
  2. Bob - 222 points
  3. Jon - 221 points
  4. Jerry - 197 points
  5. Rod - 189 points

See you next month!

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


August 2022

16 players participated in the live game tonight. Pretty normal game with a few great hands and a lot of just grinding it out.

Everyone lasted the first couple of hours. The bust outs slowed down when we got to the final table. Ben was limping along, but then had a run when the they got down to around 5 players. Jerry busted out in fifth.

Rod was next and got the bonus points. Jim took third and it was Jon and Ben heads-up for the title. It went back and forth, but ended up with Jon taking the win!

This puts Jon 1 point behind Bob for second overall trailing David by a good margin. Jerry is holding 4th and Rod is in 5th.

  1. David K. - 324 points
  2. Bob - 212 points
  3. Jon - 211 points
  4. Jerry - 187 points
  5. Rod - 179 points

The next game is September 10th - hope to see you there!

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


July 2022

18 players for tonight's live game. Everyone got to enjoy the first couple of hours of play, then it got serious.

Some people couldn't seem to buy a win with their pair getting busted by an ace on the river. Others had their full-house crushed by quads. Just a normal night of poker.

When it got down to the final table it was clear that one person was having a better night than the others. Jack was hitting everything and taking people out one and two at time.

It seemed that everyone would fall to him. When it got down to the final 4, he had a huge chip lead. Ashley had managed to chip up and Lori was healthy. Bob was short but still alive.

Bob had to settle for 4th place (and the bonus points). It was Lori finishing in 3rd. It was Ashley and Jack going heads-up for the win. Jack had started out ahead, but Ashley caught up and took the chip lead. It went back and forth for a bit. Then Jack took a big pot and Ashley couldn't recover. It was a first for Jack and a second for Ashley in their first game back in quite a while!

Not a big change in the leader board this month and Dave is still leading the pack.

  1. David K. - 314 points
  2. Bob - 202 points
  3. Jerry - 177 points
  4. Rod - 153 points
  5. Peter - 132 points

The next game is August 13th - hope to see you there!

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 9/10, 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


June 2022

A lucky 13 players attended the June live game. Despite a number of all-ins and a couple of re-buys, everyone made through the first 2 hours of play.

The bust-outs came quickly when we hit the final table. Dave was a factor, but his stack dwindled until he was out in 5th place.

Rod manged to take the bonus points for 4th place when Jerry busted him out.

Jerry also took out Mehmet to bring him nearly equal in chips with Bob for the heads-up match. There was a little back and forth until Jerry shoved with aces and Bob called with his A4 of clubs.

Jerry looked real good on the flop when the case ace hit to give him top set. Bob's only chance was running clubs for the flush. The turn was a club... and so was the River! Unfortunately (for Bob) the river also paired the board giving Jerry full house to take the win!

Bob's second place finish keeps him in second place overall, Jerry is a close 3rd and Dave is leading the pack.

  1. David K. - 304 points
  2. Bob - 174 points
  3. Jerry - 167 points
  4. Rod - 143 points
  5. Peter - 132 points

The next game is July 9th - hope to see you there!

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 7/9, 8/6, 9/10, 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


May 2022 - Make-up

We had 14 players for the last (hopefully) make-up game of 2022. Some big hands early (I saw quads and a straight flush) but no bust-outs before the second break.

We did finally get down to the final table, but again, very few bust-outs. I think we played 8-handed for more than 30 minutes.

Eventually the blinds and luck took their toll and people started to drop out. David had a big stack, but ended up double-up all opponents until he was out in 4th place.

Bob re-bought and made it pay with a 3rd place finish. It was Peter and Rod heads-up. The blinds were really high, forcing a lot of all-ins. Rod seemed to be the benefactor in this as he managed to over-take Peter for the win.

Fun was had by all!

David still leads, but it's a wild race for 2nd place.

  1. David K. - 294 points
  2. Peter - 132 points
  3. Bob - 125 points
  4. Rod - 120 points
  5. Kathy - 109 points

The next game should be June 4th - see you then!

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 6/4, 7/9, 8/6, 9/10, 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


May 2022

14 players showed for the live May game. As usual, there was a lot of play with everyone staying in for the first 2 breaks.

Then people started dropping out as the blinds got into the 100's. It was Peter and David (who else) amassing big stacks when we combined for the final table.

Jerry proceeded to take big pots and eliminated people one or two at a time. When we got to the final 4, it was Chris and Tony with the small stacks and Jerry and Peter with the larger stacks.

Tony was the first out collecting the bonus points. Chris was next and took third place. Jerry actually has a small chip advantage going in heads-up. Play went on for nearly the whole 1/2k blind level. Peter was able to win the flips and took the win!

David still leads the pack, but not finishing in the top 4 let some of the rest of us catch up a little.

  1. David K. - 270 points
  2. Kathy - 99 points
  3. Jon - 91 points
  4. Bob - 87 points
  5. Jerry - 82 points

Next game is May 21st. This should get us back on track to have one game a month. (hopefully free up some weekend for Bonus poker!)

Here are the tentative dates remaining in 2022: 5/21, 6/4, 7/9, 8/6, 9/10, 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


April 2022

The April make-up game still saw 13 players. Everyone made it through the first 2 hours of play. The the bust-outs came quickly.

Kathy had a good-sized stack when they combined for the final table. Jon and Sophie were holding on as well.

As play continued, players fell out with David taking out 2 just before the 3rd break and leaving 4 players. Bob was the short stack and finished in 4th place. Kathy was doing well, but could only hang on for third.

It was Sophie and David going heads-up for the title. Sophie was hot off her cash in Cherokee, but David was not to be denied and he took his third win of the year (hint- we've only played 3 games).

David has a commanding lead over the field, but there's still a lot of poker to play.

  1. David K. - 260 points
  2. Kathy - 89 points
  3. Jon - 81 points
  4. Ed - 78 points
  5. Bob - 77 points

Here are the dates in 2022 that we are looking at: 5/7, 5/21, 6/4, 7/9, 8/6, 9/10, 10/1, 11/5, and 12/3 All are subject to change.


March 2022

17 players showed up for the second live game of the season. Nearly everyone made it through the first 2 hours.

Then David started taking out people one and two at a time. The attrition slowed a little when we combined into a final table.

Eventually, it was only Kathy, Bob, Jon and David remaining. Kathy was the first of this group out and had to settle for the bonus points. Bob was next taking the third place.

Jon and David played heads-up for 30 minutes or more with the lead swapping every few hands. When the dust settled, it was David taking his second (out of 2) win for the season.

This gives him a big lead, but it's still early.

  1. David K. - 185 points
  2. Jon - 71 points
  3. Ed - 68 points
  4. Bob - 54 points
  5. Kathy - 53 points

Next game is April 2nd.


February 2022

We had 16 players for tonight's live game. Not bad for such short notice.

The chips seemed to flow pretty evenly for the first couple of hours without anyone really taking a big lead.

By the time we got to the final table, Barb, Ed, and David K had pulled out in front. Their lead grew as each other player dropped out. Kathy was the last "other" player to fall and she had to settle for 4th.

Barb was next finishing in third place. By this time, David had a big lead over Ed and he couldn't make the comeback. Ed finished in 2nd giving the win to David.

Well Done!

On a more serious note: One of our players received notice (during the game) that a family member had tested positive for Covid. Two of our players had spent time with this person on Friday.

No one at our game has tested positive and no one is showing any symptoms at this time. We'll let you know more as soon as we do. I suspect this is a pretty low-risk event since all people concerned are vaccinated and not showing symptoms.

  1. David K. - 90 points
  2. Ed - 58 points
  3. Barb - 42 points
  4. Kathy - 26 points

Our next game is still scheduled for March 5th. Stay safe.


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