Weekly PokerStars Game

September 29, 2022

5 players started the game this week. 3 players came in late and everyone made it to the first break.

6 of the 8 players made it to the one-hour mark.

Mehmet went out a few minutes before the 2nd break. That left 3 players with Kathy holding the chip lead. She had 15,791. Kofi was next with 6,230 and Jerry was still alive with 1,979.

Jerry went out about 10 minutes after the second break. Kathy still led with 18,237 and Kofi was strong with 5,763.

Kofi took the lead about 10 minutes later, but Kathy took it back and hit her flush to take the win just before the 2 hour mark.

Good game!

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The idea is to have a weekly poker game on PokerStars

Here's what you have to do to get started:

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, you'll receive the invitations to the games.

The games should start at 8:30 PM and will only take about two hours. It only costs play money to play, but I'd like this to be an honor system game. If you lose, give the winner $5 next time you see them. I'll be posting the results here so you don't have to watch the rest of the game to find out who won (unless you want to).

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